"ac seasons"

"AC Seasons" is a series of illustrations inspired by the different times of the day and the changing seasons in Nintendo's popular game, "animal crossing." the series has a huge nostalgic feeling to me and has been a major inspiration for my art style and color palette choices. 


"fruit punch party"


"holly festival preparations"

"cherry blossom picnics"

process work 

Below are the phases of my creative process. First I start with rough concept sketches and try to find the best composition for each piece. then, in this line-less style, I go in an individual to create the shapes of everything the scenes. finally, I had in texture and lighting effects as well as manipulate the colors to really compliment each other well. 


concept drawings of different villager npc characters from the "Animal Crossing" series. I ended up using some of these characters as background figures in this series.