Floral Swirls

Strawberry Kiss

shooting star

rainbow galaxy

Ladybug Stroll

Lucky Clover

pancake parade


Sleepy Stars

Goodnight Bunnies

Sleepy Moon



ducky garden

bees & lavender

garden party


Stars & Whiskers

A sleep collection, including a blanket, pillow, and two different onesies themed around space cats!


Garden Afternoon

A gardening series for children! This collection includes two shirts, a gardening bag, and a work apron! it is all happy garden-themed!

Rainbow Galaxy

A onesie series based on rainbow and stars for children. I wanted to make it very whimsical and also texture-based.


Love Bug

A onesie series based on ladybugs, four-leaf clovers, and luck! I wanted this series to be a cute in between of valentine's day and Saint Patrick's day!

Pancake Parade

A fun, kid's t-shirt series all about pancakes! For this series, I created a character called "Pancakie" to make it even more cartoony and silly.


Sweet Dreams

A kid's pajama collection! For this collection i wanted the colors to be very soft and comforting to feel soothing for kids. i chose bunnies, moons, and stars as the three main components of the patterns. Over all, I wanted this line to be charming and dreamy!

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